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Our Mission

The wealth of our group, from manpower and equipment, is made up of history, ideas, creativity, and determination. The determination to build a better environment and ensure the progress and prosperity of Nigeria. Our aim is to deliver the highest quality with an unmistakable style using the latest technology. Our area of interest is focused on residential and commercial buildings. We are able to administer various projects, thanks to our staff of engineers, surveyors and highly qualified technicians working closely with the rest of our employees. Today the company has its own list of completed projects and a large variety of buildings spanning nationwide.
This allows us to study the market and the future from the position of strength and optimism. It makes us aware of the quality and allows us to control the complete production process from start to finish

The Company Management


Marina Nominees Limited


Olajide Oyewole & Co.

Registrars / Transfer Office

African Prudential Registrars Plc.
220B Ikorodu Road, Palmgrove – Lagos.


Goldwyns (Chartered Accountants)
Plot 9 block 137 Gabriel Olusanya Street
off White Sands School Road, by elf Summer,
Lekki Phase 1 Lekki, Lagos.


Citibank Nigeria Limited
Diamond Bank Plc.
First City Monument Bank Plc.
Guaranty Trust Bank Plc.
Sterling Bank for Africa Plc.
United Bank for Africa Plc.
Zenith Bank Plc.

  2018 2017 2016 2015 2014
N’000 N’000 N’000 N’000 N’000

Assets / (Liabilities)

Total Assets – Net 12,950,210 11,147,601 8,089,449 7,382,489 5,957,752
Property, plant and equipment 2,558,729 2,827,985 1,680,449 2,132,419 1,913,885
Financial instruments 5,256 10,205 9,540
Other long term investments & Assets 586 586 268,490 239,408 186,294
Working capital net assets 10,415,418 9,417,995 6,486,796 5,605,649 4,246,282
Deferred taxation (24,523) (1,098,965) (351,542) (605,192) (398,249)
Staff benefits

Capital and Reserves

Shareholders’ funds 12,950,210 11,147,601 8,089,448 7,382,487 5,957,753
Issued and Paid-Up capital 123,047 123,047 123,047 98,438 98,438
General Reserves 239,235 239,235 239,235 239,336 239,336
Other equity reserves 58,150 46,980 (19,783) (14,453) (11,909)
Revenue reserve 12,529,777 10,738,340 7,746,950 7,059,167 5,631,888

Revenue and Profits

Profits after taxation 942,521 3,311,312 968,406 1,663,529 1,155,948
Revenue 22,138,497 22,459,519 24,788,641 21,058,196 17,765,638
Operating Profits before tax 1,490,026 4,672,052 1,324,534 2,360,417 1,682,716
Taxation (547,505) 1,360,740 356,128 696,888 (526,768)

Net cashflows from operating activities (1,416,282) 700,788 3,465,570 1,633,556 6,420,927
Net cashflows from investing activities (5,523,055) 156,854 177,093 1,623,591 (613,716)
Net cashflows from financing activities (273,398) (352,142) (401,034) (298,681) (488,599)

Key Financial Information
Per =N=0.50K share
Earnings 383 1,346 394 846 586
Dividend (kobo)
Dividend cover (times)
Net assets 5,262 4,530 3,287 3,750 3,026


Earnings per share are calculated based on profit after taxation and the number of issued and fully paid ordinary shares at the end of each financial year.

Net assets per share are based on the net assets and the number of issued and fully paid ordinary shares at the end of each financial year.


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The management of Cappa and D’Alberto has always been strong believers in collective bargaining as a level playing field and a better condition for the industry. In 1954 we were among the foundation members of the FOBACEC (Federation of Building and Civil Engineering Contractors in Nigeria) which later became FOCI (Federation of Construction Industry). Our company remains a very active and committed member of FOCI. In line with this, our company was also a pioneer in the establishment of the workers union. NUCCEW (National Union of Construction and Civil Engineering Workers) was formed. We continue to enjoy a good working relationship with the Union that represents the vast majority of our workers.