Acutely aware of the potential synergies that can evolve between companies, in the last few years Cappa & D’Alberto has developed a number of such partnerships with important companies operating not only in parallel sectors but also in completely different fields.

In particular:

CLAY INDUSTRY is a company with its headquarters in Ikeja, specialising in the production of articles for building structures, in particular, floor decking, steps, partition walls, load-bearing walls, finishing and sun breakers.

ALUMETAL Contract Division since 25 years study and supply glazed curtain walls, façade wall cladding, automatic entrance doors, windows, and partitioning; Alumetal International LLC is the new division specialized in building material supplies, including suspended ceiling, raised-flooring systems, solar control systems, security doors and building security systems.

KLAFGO6 is a construction company set up in 2006 operating mainly in the Ghanaian market.